Hand, Foot and Nail Treatment Nail Polish Nail Polish Treatments Product for Sale

Hand & Nail Treatments

LUX - Complete Manicure Rp. 75,000
Hand Scrub Rp. 60,000
30min Hand Massage Oil Rp. 70,000
60min Hand Massage Oil Rp. 130,000
40min Hand Massage & Scrub Rp. 135,000

Foot & Nail Treatments

LUX - Complete Pedicure Rp. 85,000
Foot Scrub Rp. 70,000
30min Foot Massage Oil Rp. 80,000
60min Foot Massage Oil Rp. 150,000
50min Foot Massage & Scrub Rp. 135,000
30min Foot Reflexology Massage Rp. 75,000
60min Foot Reflexology Massage Rp. 140,000

Nail Spa Bali - Nail PolishNSB Indulgence Package

(Foot, Hand & Nail Pampering) 120min Rp. 415,000
Hand & Foot Massage, Hand & Foot Scrub, OPI Pedicure & Manicure, OPI Nail Polish (STD)

Nail Polish Treatments

OPI Nail Polish Rp. 75,000
OPI Nail Polish (Design Series) Rp. 85,000
OPI Nail Polish (Shatter) Rp. 85,000
OPI Gel Nail Polish Rp. 290,000
GELISH Nail Polish (Gel) Rp. 280,000
Engle Pro Gel Nail Polish Rp. 290,000
Generic Nail Polish Rp. 60,000
Nail Cuticle Vitamin Rp. 20,000
OPI Nail Polish Infinite Shine Rp. 90,000

Nail Art Treatments

Regular Nail Art (Generic Nail Polish) Rp. 65,000
OPI Nail Art Rp. 80,000
OPI French Nail Art Rp. 80,000
3D Nail Art Rp. 35,000/Nail
Diamond Small Rp. 15,000/pcs
Diamond Medium Rp. 20,000/pcs

Acrylic & GEL Nail Treatments

Clear Acrylic Nail Rp. 65,000/Nail
Acrylic Colour Rp. 70,000/Nail
Acrylic French Rp. 65,000/Nail
Nail GEL Rp. 65,000/Nail
Nail Extension or Nail Tips Rp. 35,000/Nail
Nail Acrylic or Nail Gel Remover
Rp. 35,000/Nail
(including Manicure or Pedicure)  
Nail Polish Remover only on Hand or Foot Rp. 30,000
Refill, Services, Acrylic or GEL Nail Rp. 55,000/Nail
Gelish "Gel Nail Polish" Remover Rp. 175,000


Traditional Balinese Facial Rp. 225,000
Standard Facial Rp. 295,000
Premium Vacume Facial Rp. 460,000

Ear Candle

Rp. 145,000

Eyelashes Full Extension

Rp. 800,000


Eye Brow Rp. 60,000
Upper Lip Rp. 60,000
Under Arm Rp. 80,000
Bikini Line Rp. 120,000
Brazillian Rp. 175,000
Full Leg
Rp. 245,000
Half Leg Rp. 125,000
Full Arm Rp. 175,000
Half Arm Rp. 95,000
Back and Neck Rp. 195,000
Neck Only Rp. 80,000

Product for Sale

OPI Nail Polish Rp. 285,000/Bottle
OPI Base or TOP Coat Rp. 315,000/Bottle
OPI Nail Polish (DS) Rp. 315,000/Bottle
OPI Shatter Nail Polish Rp. 315,000/Bottle
OPI Cuticle Vitamin Rp. 480,000/Bottle
Feet ''OPI" Moisturizer Double Coverage Rp. 500,000
Wood Foot Filing Rp. 70,000
Foot Scrub Rp. 100,000
Body Butter Rp. 100,000
OPI Nail Polish Infinite Shine Rp. 350,000