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Today's Tip:
Simple Manicure Tips for a Busy Woman

Manicure and pedicure treatment at the salon usually spend quite a long time. But for busy women, there are other ways to do it.
Here are 6 tips of manicure that you can do yourself in busy schedules (quoted from Geniusbeauty).

1. Use nail coating
You can get this product in beauty shop. Brush on your nails once a week. This layer will protect your nails from damage.

2. Do not cut the skin around the nail and cuticle
The most common mistake made ​​when a woman doing manicure itself is cut hard skin around the nail and cuticle too. This will make the nails and surrounding skin becomes painful. The cuticle is not to be discarded, but were pushed inward.

3. Clean your nails every time you shower
When taking a shower, do not forget to rub the nails with a special brush or an old toothbrush. If you always do this, then your nail hygiene will be maintained.

4. Treat your nails before bed
During sleep, the whole body, including the nails and skin to absorb massive. So, always use a smoothing cream and a nails reinforcing before bed, so your hands and nails skin gets enough nutrients.

5. Daily hand scrub
Clean the dead skin on the hands is also a beauty ritual for hand and nail care. Use special hand scrubs that you can get at beauty shop. Use a scrub twice a week.

6. A balance diet
Consuming vegetables, fruit and drink enough water will make your skin and your nails more beautiful. Make sure your nutrition is balanced, to get your natural beautiful skin and nails.